Thursday, May 24 2012
RC4 build 14 Released
?Fixed support for PartyPoker's latest update
?Fixed support for Microgaming's latest update
?Added support for PartyPoker skins: Danske Spil Poker, ACFPoker, WPT Poker France
?Added support for iPoker skins: Moore Games Poker. Sisal Poker
?Added support for Ongame skin: Unibet.fr
?Added support for Everest skin: BetClic Poker

?Added support for PokerStars Zoom tables
?Added option to Configure > PermaScan: "If more than X tables open, change scan interval". This lets you set a higher scan interval when you have tables open.
?Added 2 larger font sizes to TableScan

?TableScan's interface will now scale properly when using higher DPIs in Windows
?The "R" playername on PokerStars is now filtered out when using any player list filter
?Slightly improved HM2 database query
?Improved Merge opening tables during a scan performance
?Improved PartyPoker note importing
?Minor improvements to Everest OCR

?Fixed a bug on iPoker where TableScan might not recognize a table as being open when there were non-english characters in the table's name
?Fixed support for PartyPoker "Welcome Lounge" tables
?Fixed support for iPoker when using a language besides English on the old iPoker lobby
?Fixed a bug on Merge where TableScan could scan duplicate tables in some cases when opening/joining tables during a scan
?Fixed a bug where joining/leaving waitlists would not work on Enet
?Fixed advanced scan filters on Enet

I apologize for the delay with this update, I was planning to release this as version 1.0 a few days ago, it is ready to go, but I ran into a delay with one of the payment processors I was planning on using. I've been waiting and hoping that would get resolved quickly, but it is taking too long, so I just decided to release one last beta version to address the recent updates on PartyPoker and Microgaming. But you can expect another update to v1.0 in the next week or so :)

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