Friday, June 01 2012
RC4 build 15 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Added support for Microgaming Skin: Gnuf Poker

?Improved "Open and Join" reliability on iPoker
?Removed option "Use Pokerstars.dk button configuration" as this option no longer serves any purpose
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could fail to detect the old iPoker lobby
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could get the wrong waitinglist buttons on PokerStars when the "Home Games" button was visible in the lobby

Once again I have to release another update before v1.0 because of today's PokerStars update :)

Unfortunately, I had some complications with moneybookers, I will not be able to accept them, I had a fully approved merchant account (which was very hard to get), but they are no longer doing business with anyone in the USA who has any relation to any gambling whatsoever.

The good news is I just got approved yesterday with a much better and bigger credit card processor (Authorize.net), and I also have Paypal. I am finishing up integrating it into my system now, once I finish that I will be releasing v1.0 in the next few days :)

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