Sunday, June 17 2012
Version 1.0 Changelog
?Fixed support for Merge's latest update
?Fixed support for Enet's latest update
?Added support for PokerStars.es and PartyPoker.es
?Added support for Ongame skin: Bwin.es

?Added Auto-Update feature
?Improved PokerStars Zoom table scanning reliability
?Added Backup PokerStars scanning method: "Use Only-OCR scanning method". This method can be used by people who are having problems with the default method.

?Fixed a bug where PokerStars Zoom tables would not be scanned in the "Classic" lobby
?Fixed a bug where GBP tables would not be scanned on PokerStars
?Fixed a bug where "Exclude Phrase" would not exclude phrases in the "Game" column of PartyPoker

I will be working on improving the Merge scanning in the next few days. If you haven't already, please contact your merge skin and tell them to show more than 5 players in the playerlist :)

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