Thursday, August 16 2012
Version 1.0.1 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars latest update
?Added support for iPoker "Speed Poker" tables
?Added support for Poker site: Winning Poker
?Added support for PartyPoker skin: PSU Poker, bwin.es
?Added support for MicroGaming skins: LBapuestas, Cirsa Poker, Betsafe Poker Black

?Fixed support for iPoker skins: Dafa poker, Winner poker
?Fixed support for PartyPoker's new tablenames with non-english characters
?Fixed support for Merge *fast* tables

?Added feature: Export/Import Buddy List
?Improved Pokerstars Zoom scanning reliability
?The iPoker option "Always wait for each table's playerlist to get updated" in Configure > Settings > Sites now also works with the new iPoker lobby

?Fixed a bug where players stats could rarely get cleared in TableScan when adding buddies and using Permascan
?Fixed a bug where TableScan might rarely not find a Table on PokerStars for opening or joining when the lobby was a specific height
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could cause Betfair to crash after switching between tabs in the lobby
?Fixed a bug where the PokerStars OCR-Only mode could add a character to playernames when a note was displayed in the lobby
?Fixed a bug where TableScan might try to leave a waitlist on a table where you are not waitlisted on iPoker when there is a "bugged" table in the lobby

The release of version 1.0 has been a great success, thanks again to everyone who has purchased a license! I am working on a number of new features for the next update, please keep your suggestions and feature requests coming :)

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