Thursday, October 18 2012
Version 1.0.2 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Added support for 888 Poker skin: 888.es

?New feature: Player Note Assignments, in Configure > Player Notes. This feature allows you to score or mark players in TableScan based on their note color from your PokerStars or PartyPoker notes
?New feature: Alerts, at Configure > Alerts. You can now configure audio alerts for tables and players that meet your selected filters
?New feature: HoldemManager 2 HUD integration, in Database > Manage Databases. Please note, this feature does not work with the current official HM2 release version It does work with the current "internal" release and will work in future official releases
?New feature: AutoWaitlist Blacklist, in Configure > AutoWaitlist. This feature can be used to prevent AutoWaitlist from re-opening tables you've closed. Tables can also be manually blacklisted by turning on the "Blacklist table" option at Configure > Settings > Shortcuts
?New feature: The Autowaitlist option "Use my Main Window active List filters for autowaitlisting" can now be configured to use only Table or Player filters

?The "Stop PermaScan" button is no longer disabled during a scan

?Fixed a bug where the TableScan HUD would not show on PokerStars GBP tables
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could show wrong # of tables information when using Permascan on PokerStars Zoom Tables
?Fixed a bug where the Player Details window could cause TableScan to crash if it was closed while loading
?Fixed a bug where iPoker chipcounts could be read sometimes as $0.00 for some users
?Fixed a bug where Microgaming tables with long names would be skipped when scanning Ladbrokes

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