Tuesday, March 19 2013
Version 1.0.4 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Fixed support for Microgaming skins: Unibet, NordicBet Poker, Stan James Poker, Bet Victor Poker
?Fixed support for Winning Poker skins: PIVGameNetwork, PokerXE
?Added support for iPoker skins: TitanBet.es, Betfair.com

?Added blacklist feature: "Automatically add tables waitlisted by AutoWaitlist to the blacklist" at Configure > AutoWaitlist
?Added buddy list feature: "Highlight Screenname" can be used for buddies, whales, regulars, and blocked to color code the players screenname for easy identification
?Added scan feature: When more than one skin of the same site is open, TableScan will now prompt you to choose which skin that instance should scan, works for PokerStars and Ongame
?Added options: Lock column widths, Lock column order, and Lock sorting. Available seperately for both the tables and players lists
?Added alerts option: "Only play Alerts for filters that are also active in the Main Window"
?Added appearance setting: "Show Tables List", which is on by default, can be turned off by users who prefer to only see the player list
?Added keyboard shortcuts: "Paste clipboard to buddylist" at Configure > Settings > Shortcuts. Allows you to easily copy a screenname from another window and paste it into your TableScan Buddy list from the main window
?Added keyboard shortcuts: "Start/Stop PermaScan" and "Start/Stop AutoWaitlist"
?Added advanced Scan filter: "Exclude Table Starters"
?Table Starters on PokerStars where you are signed up will now appear as waitlisted and AutoWaitlist can remove you from table starters if they do not meet your filters
?Significantly improved speed when importing to buddy list at Configure > Buddy List > Pptions

?Fixed a bug where TableScan could stop scanning on PokerStars after scanning two Table Starters in a row
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could not scan Zoom tables on Pokerstars when using the "black lobby" theme
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could misread some player names when using the OCR-Only method on PokerStars due to player notes
?Fixed a bug on Microgaming where the letter "Z" could sometimes be misread in playernames
?Fixed a bug on 888 where some players chipstacks could be misread in micro stakes for some users
?Fixed a bug on Merge where TableScan would not read "FLHE" tables when the "Fixed" tabletype was selected in the scan filter

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