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09.15.2011 - RC4 build 6 Released
?Fixed support for latest iPoker update
?Fixed support for latest PokerStars.fr update
?Added support for iPoker skin: PowerPoker.it

?Upgraded Npgsql API from 1.0 to 2.0.6
?Autowaitlist will now ignore the "# on Waitlist" filter conditions, when it comes to leaving waitlists. For example: If you have an autowaitlist filter which includes a condition "# on Waitlist (0-3)", TableScan will no longer leave the waitlist if it goes over 3
?New feature: Use non-OCR PokerStars scanning method, in Configure > Advanced Settings > Sites. This feature allows you to scan PokerStars with ClearType on, and it also slightly improves the speed of opening tables and joining waitlists. It is off by default currently to allow for further testing

?Fixed an issue where TableScan could take a very long time to scan when the "Give TableScan Highest Priority" option was unchecked on slower computers. This issue was caused by the old npgsql api version
?Fixed an issue where TableScan would get bb/100 wrong when using Holdem Manager 2
?Fixed a bug where the option "Dont allow AutoWaitlist to join or leave waitlists that I have manually joined or left" did not work with PermaScan
?Fixed a bug where the option "Don't allow AutoWaitlist to join waitlists at tables where I have recently been unseated" did not work at all after RC4 b3
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could skip some tables with 10 players on PokerStars
?Fixed a bug where TableScan "list filters" would not filter Fast or Deep tables on PokerStars if the "Table Limit" table requirement was used
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not scan CAP NL tables on PokerStars if the "CAP NL" scan filter was used
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not get hands from PT3 when scanning 888 Poker
?Fixed a bug with PartyPoker note importing that caused TableScan to try to import partypoker notes files as Pokerstars notes

I'd like to make a special note to anyone reading this about the upgrade of the Npgsql API, which is what TableScan uses to connect to your database. Apparently, the old version was causing a serious issue that TableScan has always had, where on slower computers it would not finish a scan with the option "Give Tablescan threads Highest priority" turned off. So, I would highly recommend that anyone who has had lag issues should try turning that option off in this new version.

09.02.2011 - RC4 build 5 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update

?Added support for HM2 databases

?Added support for PokerStars.it
?Added support for iPoker skin: Genting Poker, Win Poker
?Added support for Microgaming skin: Poker Time
?Added support for PartyPoker Player Notes

?Added "VPIP-PFR" condition to Fish definitions, player scoring, player definitions, and player list filters

?Added player list "search bar", it can be activated by pressing CTRL + S in the main window

?Fixed a bug where Avg Pot could sort incorrectly in TableScan when using a non-english version of Windows
?Fixed a bug where PokerStars player notes might not import if invalid characters were found in the notes file
?Fixed a bug where some custom PokerStars player notes colors did not import correctly
?Fixed a bug in Ongame scanning where TableScan could scan a duplicate table
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not get stats on a player at 888 poker if they had capital letters in their name
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not scan the playerlist on 888 poker when the lobby was minimized at the beginning of the scan
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could not scan Omaha tables on PartyPoker if the "Game" column was visible in the lobby

07.07.2011 - RC4 build 4 Released
?Fixed support for PartPoker's latest update
?Fixed support for Microgaming Skin: 24poker

?TableScan will now leave waitinglists using the new "Leave Waitinglist" button on Merge, instead of trying to right click the lobby
?Slightly increased delay for joining waitlists on Merge, to make it more reliable
?Added option "Use old version of PokerStars" at Configure > Advanced > Sites. This option will allow players who are using an old version of PokerStars to get waitlisting working properly without downloading a different build.

06.25.2011 - RC4 build 3 Released
?Added support for 888 Poker
?Added support for iPoker skins: Gutshot Poker, Pokerplex24
?Added support for PartyPoker skin: WPT Poker
?Added support for Microgaming skins: Stan James, Betway

?Fixed support for Ongame Network
?Fixed support for Bodog.eu
?Fixed support for Pokerstars' new notes file format
?Fixed support for iPoker skin: Noble Poker

?Improved Merge support: TableScan will detect waitlisted tables, and you can leave waitlists using TableScan

?Significantly improved multi-open functionality for all sites. Opening a large number of tables at once should be very reliable on every site.

?New Feature: Mousing over the "Unseated" highlight will now show a tooltip that tells you when you were last seated, and how many chips you last had
?New Feature: Minimum # of BB required to show "Unseated" highlight

?TableScan will now check for and remove the popup from PartyPoker: "Due to extended period of inactivity..."
?Increased the amount of time TableScan will wait before showing a duplicate table on PokerStars
?Added Player Alias support for iPoker and Bodog, removed Player Alias support for Ongame

?Fixed a bug where Tablescan could try to click the waitlist button on PartyPoker when it was not visible, which would cause an annoying popup from PartyPoker
?Fixed a bug where Tablescan could possibly detect the wrong window when scanning causing a "lobby not found" error
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could send an enter keystroke to the wrong window when handling the join waitlist popup on Full Tilt Poker
?Fixed a bug where Tablescan could throw an exception when editing a screenname
?Fixed a bug when using the AutoWaitlist feature "allow tablescan to join waitlists for tables I have open if I am not seated" that could cause TableScan to try and open the table again
?Fixed a bug on Merge where TableScan's HUD could show "Unknown table" on a known table
?Fixed a bug on Everest Poker where TableScan could miscalculate BB in stack sizes if a comma is used as a number delimiter in your windows settings
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not identify a table as being open on PokerStars if the table had a hyphen in it's name
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not identify some tables on iPoker as being open
?Fixed a bug where list filters would not filter stakes correctly if a comma was used in the stake on the pokersite instead of a period

04.19.2011 - RC4 build 2 Released
?Added support for poker site: Merge network

?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Fixed support for PartyPoker's latest update
?Fixed support for Microgaming's latest update

?Added support for Bodog skin: Bodog.co.uk
?Added support for Microgaming Skin: Crazy Poker
?Added support for iPoker Skin: Poker Encore
?Fixed support for iPoker Skin: Olympic-Poker

?New Feature: Embedded HUD Mode - switching to this HUD Mode in HUD > Configure > Appearance should lower usage on older computers and remove any possible conflicts which exist between TST's HUD and HM/PT3 HUDs

?Added keyboard shortcut: Enable/Disable HUD (CTRL + H by default)

?Fixed a bug where TableScan would recognize open tables as waitlisted on Full Tilt Poker
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could sometimes not join a PokerStars waitlist if the waitinglist button took too long to display in the lobby
?Fixed some minor Everest OCR misreads
?Fixed a bug where a table HUD might not close with a table if the player list was open
?Fixed an issue where TableScan would not recognize some of Microgaming's new tables when open
?Fixed an issue where TableScan would not recognize Microgaming "mini-view" tables
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not save the iPoker option to end scan after X empty tables
?Fixed a bug in Bodog OCR where TableScan could show the chips inside the playername

This has been a very sad week for online poker but I'd like to assure everyone that I am committed to continuing to improve TableScan, and making it a commercial software in the very near future.
From what I can tell a large majority of TableScan users are from countries other than the USA, so I feel somewhat lucky in that respect. My thoughts are currently with the USA players who have all their money stuck in limbo right now.

I've added support for Merge network in this update, but there are two functionalities which I have not yet finished:
1) The ability of TableScan to detect if you are on the waitlist of a table
2) The "Leave waitinglist" functionality
I have had quite a bit of difficulty figuring out how to do both of these, but I think you will find it is otherwise quite usable. I'll be spending most of my time the next few days trying to get these features working properly.

03.04.2011 - RC4 Released
?Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker's latest update
?Fixed support for Cereus Network's latest update
?Fixed support for Bodog Poker's latest update
?Fixed support for PokerStars new CAP and deep table names

?Added support for Ongame Skins: HeyPoker, EuroPoker, EuroSuperPoker, Whitebet
?Added support for Microgaming Skins: JBET, Mansion88, Balkanbet, iGaming

?Added support for PT3 Omaha Databases

?New Player filter option: "Filter by Player Type" > "Players must also meet statistic conditions". This can be used to ensure that your filtered players must meet both your "Filter by Statistic" conditions and your "Filter by Player Type" requirements

?New feature: Close Table - if enabled at Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts, you can right click on tables you have open from within TableScan and choose "Close Tables"
?New feature: At Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts, you can now choose to disable any right click menu item for table operations

?New AutoWaitlist option: "Don't allow AutoWaitlist to join or leave waitlists that I have manually joined or left within X minutes"
?New AutoWaitlist option: "Use my active List filters for autowaitlisting instead of my AutoWaitlist filters"

?The "copy screenname" function can now be used when selecting multiple players
?TableScan will no longer move the PokerStars Lobby at the beginning of a scan. Also lowered the minimum lobby width required for PokerStars

?Fixed a bug where PartyPoker's memory usage would grow while scanning with TableScan, eventually causing strange behaviors or crashes in PartyPoker
?Fixed an issue where TableScan could join a PartyPoker Waitlist when the "Seat available" popup was already open for that table, causing PartyPoker to kick you off the waitlist
?Fixed a bug in Player Filtering where the Minimum # of Hands and # of Big Blinds was ignored when filtering by player type
?Fixed a bug where AutoWaitlist would join a waitlist based on players marked as regulars or blocked, when the exclude Regular and Blocked players options were checked in Configure > Buddy List
?Fixed a bug where TableScan's memory usage could grow when scanning Ongame
?Fixed a bug which was introduced in RC3 where TableScan could show incorrect VPIP/PFR when using both HM and PT3 databases at the same time
?Fixed a bug where a PokerStars bug which can show limit tables with 11 players would cause TableScan to not finish scanning
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could show wrong player names when scanning tables with open seats on Ongame skin Betfair

One nice thing I want to point out is that in Full Tilt's latest update, it seems as if they've fixed the memory leak that they've had for quite some time, meaning that it doesn't seem to get laggy or crash after many hours of use. If you were having that problem, let me know if it's still happening.

01.21.2011 - RC3 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Fixed support for iPoker skins: myBet, Celeb Poker
?Fixed support for Microgaming skin: 5050 Poker
?Added support for Microgaming Skin: 24Poker
?Added support for EverestPoker.fr

?New option: AutoWaitlist "Preferred action". You can now choose from the following actions for AutoWaitlist to perform: Join waitlist OR Open table, Join waitlist AND Open table, Open table, Join waitlist
?New option: Scan Rush Tables on FTP. This allows you to turn on or off TableScan's functionality of scanning Rush Poker Tables
?You can now import to your Buddy List from HM scanner buddylist files, at Configure > Buddy List > Options > Import

?Slightly improved efficiency of scanning on Full Tilt Poker
?Slightly improved HUD efficiency

?Removed option: Move Pokerstars lobby offscreen when I have tables open. Unfortunately, when the lobby is off-screen, PokerStars seems to be drawing the player list very slowly, and TableScan is not able to read the playerlist correctly with the new method. I will look into trying to make this option work again in the next version

?TableScan's HUD is no longer shown on Full Tilt Poker Rush Tables
?Fixed support for Microgaming anonymous tables
?Fixed an issue where TableScan could show a slightly lower VPIP and PFR for players than HM when using a HM database, due to a small change made in the formula for VPIP and PFR by HoldemManager

I apologize for the delay in getting this PokerStars fix, it was one of the most challenging tasks I've ever faced while working on TableScan, and I have been working non-stop to fix it since they released their update.

I'm very happy to say that I have developed a new method for reading the player list, which is much faster than the previous method, and is 100% accurate. I have done my best to test and fix any bugs in this new version, and I think it should work well for everyone. I'd love to hear some feedback, please let me know if it's working for you, or if you find any bugs.

01.15.2011 - Status of PokerStars update
I have been working hard to fix the issues caused by the latest PokerStars update, and I have created a version that works great on Windows 7 or Windows Vista:


I have found that there is a problem on Windows XP, because it is missing the new font that PokerStars uses in the playerlist, it will show a different font. So, it is going to take me a few more days before I can release an official update (RC3) with support for Windows XP.

Windows XP Workaround
If you are using Windows XP, there is a workaround you can use to get it working now:

1) Download the missing font here:

2) Place the font in your C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory.

3) Restart PokerStars, and you should be able to scan with RC2 b3 using the latest version of PokerStars.

01.12.2011 - PokerStars update issues
PokerStars latest update does not work with the current version of TableScan. It might take me more than one day to fix it, as they made some significant changes.

My suggestion is to roll back to the previous version of PokerStars, for the next few days. Here is how you can do that:

1) Close PokerStars

2) Navigate to your PokerStars directory. It should be at
C:\Program Files\PokerStars

3) Find the folder named "backup", and enter it

4) Copy the contents of the backup folder, then go back to the main folder, and paste the contents of the backup folder into the main folder.

5) Now, do not run PokerStarsUpdate.exe. Make sure you manually run PokerStars.exe.

Using this method you will be able to use the previous version of PokerStars for the next few days while I work on the fix :)

12.16.2010 - RC2 build 2 Released
?Fixed support for Cereus Network's latest update
?Fixed support for iPoker Skin updates: Winner Poker, myBet Poker, Celeb Poker
?Fixed support for PokerStars.fr
?Fixed a bug where TableScan HUD was not working on iPoker

12.12.2010 - RC2 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest update
?Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker's latest update
?Fixed support for Ongame's latest update

?Added support for Poker Site: Everest Poker
?Added support for Ongame Skins: RedKings, Betsson, Goalwin, Fonbet, PokerLoco, HollywoodPoker
?Added support for Microgaming Skins: TrioBet, Purple Lounge, NordicBet
?Added support for iPoker Skins: BlackBelt Poker. Chocolate Poker

?Added options to Player List Filters: Table Player count, Table Type, Table Limit
?Added options to Table List Filters: Table Type, Table Limit

?Added option to Scan Filters: Exclude Phrases - This replaces the Exclude Phrase option and allows you to enter multiple phrases using semi-colons as seperators
?Added option to Scan Filters: Exclude Anonymous - This excludes anonymous tables on Microgaming

?Added option to Autowaitlist: "Allow TableScan to join waitlists at tables I have open, if I am not seated at the table"
?Added option to Autowaitlist: "Don't allow TableScan to join waitlists at tables where I have recently been unseated"

?Added option to HUD: Automatically rescan table whenever player list is opened

?Added option to Database Management: "Detect Databases"

?New Feature: "Leave all Waitinglists" - this can be accessed by right clicking on the AutoWaitlist button

?Improved buddy list window - You can now import buddies from line delimited text files, and you can select and remove multiple buddies at once
?Slightly improved the speed of opening/joining tables on PokerStars

?TableScan will now alert you when you try to run more than one instance of TableScan, and confirm if you want to
?TableScan will now pause the scan and wait on iPoker if it detects that a "Seat Available" or "Join Waitinglist" popup is open
?TableScan will now detect the limit you scan on PartyPoker(NL, PL, FL)

?Fixed multi-language support for PokerStars. TableScan now works with PokerStars in every language except Chinese
?Fixed iPoker lobby "stealing focus" issues
?Fixed support for the "Search for Player" feature on Full Tilt Poker

?Fixed support for the French version of Full Tilt Poker
?Fixed support for the French version of PartyPoker

?Fixed a bug where TableScan was not intelligently opening tables and joining waitlists during scan on PartyPoker. This also fixes the autowaitlist issues on PartyPoker.
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not finish a scan correctly if it was performing another action at the end of a scan, such as opening a table or joining a waitlist
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could not leaving waitlists on Microgaming
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could crash if you closed a poker lobby during a scan
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not click "Ok" on the waitinglist popup at Cereus in some cases
?Fixed a bug where the "Seated" table highlight would not appear on some player names in the player list at tables where you are seated
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could not open "Daniel's Room" tables on PokerStars
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could get the wrong playercount when permascanning on Cereus
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not highlight a table as open on Ipoker if it had a hyphen in it's name
?Fixed a bug where TableScan had trouble scanning the "TreeView" lobby on Microgaming skin Unibet
?Fixed a bug where the "Exclude Phrase" checkbox in Advanced Filters was not re-checked when editing a filter
?Fixed a bug where 50bb min tables, Shallow Tables, and Full Stack tables were not excluded when the option was enabled on iPoker
?Fixed a bug where Speed tables were not excluded when the option was enabled on Ongame

12.06.2010 - PokerStars & Full Tilt update issues
PokerStars' latest update has significantly changed the lobby, temporarily breaking support for TableScan Turbo. I am working on it now and will release an update the second I'm finished. Unfortunately it requires some major changes so it may take me a few days.

Full Tilt's latest update also caused a small problem, some tables are being scanned with duplicate players from other tables. It's relatively rare but a serious bug nonetheless which I am also aware of. I'll be working non stop until these problems are resolved.

10.14.2010 - RC1 build 5, revision 2 Released
?Fixed a bug where TableScan(RC1 build 5, revision 1 only) could get stuck when opening tables on iPoker

Another optional update, a minor change I made to the iPoker scanning in b5-1 was breaking the open/join table functionality, sorry to anyone who plays on iPoker and had trouble with b5-1, should be back to normal now

10.14.2010 - RC1 build 5, revision 1 Released
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could not read Plrs/Flop or H/hr on PokerStars when scanning Limit after PokerStars latest update
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could click the "join waitlist" button too quickly when joining waitlists on PartyPoker

This update is not a required update but is recommended for anyone who got yesterday's update and was having problems scanning fixed limit tables on PokerStars.

10.13.2010 - RC1 build 5 Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars latest update
?Fixed support for Titan Poker's latest update
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could read player names wrong on Microgaming if you have the unicode version of the Arial font installed

Sorry to force another small update but PokerStars update this morning made it unavoidable. I am working on some small new features and adding support for more skins, I am also almost done with Everest Poker, and finishing up with the manual. I'll be releasing another update shortly with those additions, I won't make it a required update so make sure to check back in the next few days if you're waiting on that. Then I'm going to finish up the registration system and finally start selling the software :)

10.01.2010 - RC1 build 4 Released
?Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker's latest update
?Fixed support for Cereus network's latest update

?Fixed a bug on iPoker where the "Open OR Join" functionality could cause TableScan to crash
?Fixed a bug on PartyPoker where TableScan did not recognize "20BB Min" non-speed tables as open
?Fixed a bug where the HUD playerlist would not update sometimes on the first scan

I am very proud to say that FTP scanning is back to full working order, this one was actually pretty tough to figure out :)

09.30.2010 - Full Tilt Poker issues
It looks like this morning's FTP update is causing a strange issue, I'm trying to figure it out and am trying to get a fix out as soon as possible but there is a simple workaround in the meantime:

- Start FTP but do not login, instead click "Observe"
- Run a Scan with TableScan
- Now login to FTP and the scanning will work properly for the rest of your session.

For whatever reason, if you start FTP and login, TableScan will give you errors and will not scan unless you restart both FTP and TableScan and use the above process

09.19.2010 - RC1 build 3 Released
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would crash on startup when using non-english keyboard layouts
?Fixed a bug where TableScan was not filtering tables correctly on Cereus

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this bug or these repeated updates, unfortunately this was a very serious bug caused by my new keyboard shortcuts feature which affected a lot of people, it should finally be working well for everyone now :)

09.19.2010 - RC1 build 2 Released
?Fixed a bug where the AutoWaitlist button was not properly aligned

09.19.2010 - RC1 build 1 Released
?Added support for Poker sites: Ongame network, Microgaming network, and Bodog poker

?New Feature: PermaScan - This replaces the "AutoScan" feature in TableScan, and when enabled, TableScan will not clear the Tables list or Players list at the beginning of each scan. Instead it will update the list in place, so you always have the full list of tables and players at all times! This is probably the coolest new feature so I have turned it on by default for everyone, if you don't want to use it you can turn it off at Configure > PermaScan.

?New Feature: AutoWaitlist - This feature will automatically place you on waitlists that meet your selected filters! Available at Configure > AutoWaitlist

?New Feature: Table HUD - TableScan's Table HUD is a simple HUD which shows statistics from your table, such as # of Fish, Plr/Flp%, or Table Score. Click on the HUD to reveal a full player list popup, which you can use to add buddies and more!

?New Feature: Custom Player Scores - Using this feature, you can set custom scores for individual players based on the table type and stake

?New Feature: Screennames - This feature enables you to exclude your own screenname from table averages and table counts. It also enables you to use the "Seated" table highlight, which shows a triangle in the top right of the table name when you are seated, and the Unseated table highlight, a great feature for shortstackers which shows a different color triangle in the top right of the table name once you have left the table. Available at Configure > Advanced > Screennames

?New Feature: Player Notes - This allows you to view your player notes from your poker site inside TableScan. I have a lot more planned improvements for this feature!

?New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts - Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, for every item in the right click menu! Available at Configure > Advanced > Shortcuts

?New Feature: Customizable right click menu - allows you to choose which items are displayed in the right click menu, available at Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts

?New Feature: Unfiltered highlights - This feature displays a red triangle at the bottom right of the table name when an open or waitlisted table does not meet your selected filters and you have the option "Never hide my open/waitlisted tables"

?New Feature: Player Aliases - If you find that TableScan has made a mistake when reading a player's name, you can use this feature to fix it.

?New Feature: You can now view all of your buddies' statistics at any time in the Player Details window by selecting View > Buddies

?Added Column to Tables list: Last Update - This column works together with PermaScan, at the beginning of each scan the Last Update column for each table is changed to a gray background color, so you can see if a table has been updated this scan, or if you're viewing the results from the last scan.

?Added Exclusion to Advanced Scan Filter: Exclude Phrase
?Added "Table Stake" to Table List Filters and Player List Filters
?Added "Table Stake" to Table Scoring and Player Scoring
?Added Quaternary Player List Sorting in Configure > Advanced > Sorting
?Added Option "Show Player list toggle" in Configure > Advanced > Appearance
?Added "Sites" tab to Advanced Settings, you can use this to hide/show sites in the "multiple sites" panel of the main program

?Moved "Define" tab out of Advanced Settings and into it's own window at Configure > Player Definitions
?Moved "Automation" tab out of Advanced Settings and into it's own window at Automation > AutoSelect
?Moved Database filters out of Manage Databases and into it's own window at Database > Database Filters
?Removed database limit

?TableScan can now scan PokerStars with any language selected in the PokerStars lobby
?TableScan will now try to maintain your highlighted tables and players whenever the lists are refreshed
?The right click menu option "Scan Table" is no longer unavailable during a scan
?The buddies/whales/regulars/blocked lists are now connected with the poker site they play on
?TableScan will no longer scroll back to the top of the list on some sites after opening/joining a table during a scan

?Significantly improved speed for opening tables and joining waitlist on PokerStars
?Significantly improved sorting efficiency when sorting lists by "Table Name" or "Screenname"

?Fixed a bug where TableScan would show double the hands when using PokerTracker 3 when the "use player cache" option was not checked
?Fixed a bug where TableScan had trouble ending a scan after Cereus' recent update
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would show incorrect plr/flp and h/hr values after PokerStars' latest update
?Fixed a bug where the AutoSelect feature could sometimes select the wrong table name if similar table names existed
?Fixed a bug where Column orders were not correctly being restored when the program was loaded
?Fixed a bug where you could not change Tables Quaternary Sort Order
?Fixed a bug where NaN values would not be filtered out in some cases when using Table Filters
?Fixed a bug where player definition conditions were not being displayed in the advanced settings > define tab
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could scan duplicate players on PokerStars when the chips column of the first player in the PokerStars player list was empty
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could sometimes show player names as "??" in PokerStars

Ongame Skins currently supported: Bet24 Poker, Bestpoker, Betfair, bwin, Betsafe, Tower Gaming
Microgaming Skins currently supported: Ladbrokes, Unibet, 5050 Poker, Tell Poker, AlfaPoker

I've done my best to try and test all the new features on every site, but there's a lot of new stuff, so if you find any bugs please let me know!

I will be releasing another update this week, to add support for more skins on Ongame/Microgaming, and to fix any bugs which people find. Also, I am almost finished adding Everest, so I will get that in the next update as well. If you want your skin moved to the top of the list, send me an email or PM or post a message here. If you're using a Microgaming skin that isn't supported, contact me and I can explain how to copy a supported skin over your unsupported skin so you can get it working right now :)

08.05.2010 - v0.50d Beta Released
?Fixed support for PartyPoker's latest update

07.15.2010 - v0.50c Beta Released
?Fixed waitlisting support for Cereus Network's (Absolute Poker & Ultimate Bet) latest update

07.14.2010 - v0.50b Beta Released
?Added support for Full Tilt Poker Mini View
?Fixed a bug where Full Tilt Poker could crash if the "Seat Available" popup was open at the beginning of a scan, then you took the seat

This update is recommended for anyone scanning Full Tilt Poker who has had FTP crash while using TableScan since FTP's latest update. I decided not to force it since it's a rare bug and I will be releasing another big update shortly anyways.

07.11.2010 - v0.50 Beta Released
?Fixed a bug where Full Tilt Poker could crash when using the "Scan Table" or "Active Table Automation" feature

Sorry to have to force another small update, unfortunately this was a serious bug which was affecting users of the "Active Table Automation" feature on Full Tilt.

07.09.2010 - v0.49 Beta Released
?Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker

Note: This is just a small fix for Full Tilt Poker's latest update. I am still working very hard on the next "real" update, it will be ready soon :)

If anyone is interested in "alpha" testing the next update please send me a message on AIM/MSN/ICQ/Skype:

AIM: ZandryTST
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 571846001
Skype: ZandryTST

05.21.2010 - v0.48c Beta Released
?Fixed support for iPoker clients: William Hill Poker Club, BlueSquare Poker
?Fixed a bug where Custom Definitions were not displayed correctly in the Advanced Settings window

This is just a small update to fix support for William Hill and BlueSquare. I am working on one more massive update before I release the program for sale, thanks for your patience :)

04.17.2010 - v0.48b Beta Released
?Fixed support for iPoker clients: Paddy Power Poker, Titan Poker

04.16.2010 - v0.48 Beta Released
?Fixed support for PokerStars' latest updates
?Fixed support for iPoker clients: BetMost, CDPoker, Poker770, Titan Poker, Big Slick Poker
?Added support for iPoker client: Black Belt Poker
?Added support for Full Tilt Poker "Rush Poker". If you open a Rush Poker lobby and hit scan, TableScan will retreive a list of all the players in the Rush Lobby
?Added support for PartyPoker Skins: EmpirePoker, Gamebookers, AzartiaPoker

?Added support for HoldemManager HUD Integration - When the option is Enabled, at Database > Manage Databases > Enable HM Hud Integration, TableScan will update the "Multi Tables" and "Scanner Score" statistics in your HoldemManager HUD at the end of each scan.
?Redesigned Player Details Window: It now contains a full players list that you can sort in addition to the old player details functionality. More functionality is coming in the next version
?Added Player Filter: "Filter by Player Type". If selected, any player types which are checked will be filtered in, and any types which are not checked will be filtered out.
?Added Scan Filters: Exclude USD, Exclude EUR, Exclude GPB
?Added Simple Logging: If enabled TableScan saves simple log files of every scan you do, containing the Table, Player, and overall scan data.
?Added Verbose Logging: If enabled TableScan saves a verbose log file of only the last scan you did, containing information for me to try and debug any crashes. If you enable this, and your TableScan crashes, please send the verbose log of your last scan to [email protected]
?Added iPoker option: "End Scan after TableScan reads X empty tables", available in Configure > Advanced > Performance
?Added Active Table Automation option: "Do not select Active Table when mouse is hovering over TableScan", available at Configure > Advanced > Automation

?The "Exclude Deep" scan filter can now be used to exclude "100-250 bb" tables on PokerStars
?The "Exclude Shallow" scan filter can now be used to exclude "20-50 bb" tables on PokerStars
?Improved the way TableScan finishes a scan, possibly fixing a rare crash bug at the end of the scan
?Improved iPoker multi-select table opening, it should be much more reliable now
?Improved iPoker scanning: The first scan of TableScan on iPoker is much less likely to scan incomplete tables

?Fixed a bug where TableScan could stop scanning PokerStars before finished when using TableNinja with multiple tables open
?Fixed a bug where opening player details window during a scan could crash TableScan
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would lose your selection when the lists were refreshed
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could throw an error when adding a Buddy that already exists in your buddy list
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could crash when removing all fish definitions
?Fixed a bug where TableScan would not sort players in your Open Tables to the top/bottom when the option to do so was checked
?Fixed a bug where TableScan was rarely not able to find Full Tilt Poker running on some computers
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could select the wrong Active Table on PokerStars
?Fixed a bug where TableScan could try to re-scan Active Tables during a Scan

Unfortunately I was not able to finish many of the features I have been working on implementing in this version, because of the recent PokerStars and iPoker updates. The next update should be ready soon and will include:
?Support for OnGame
?Support for BoDog Poker
?Support for Everest Poker
?Support for PT3 Omaha and other PT3 fixes
?A number of improvements to the new Player Details Window
?Buddy Import/Export
?Known Player Exclusions
?Unfiltered table highlight colors
?More Player Stats from the Database
and much more

04.13.2010 - Issues with the latest PokerStars Update
Today PokerStars did an update which creates some small issues for TableScan Turbo. I am trying to finish as many features as I can for 0.48 and then I will release it with a fix for this in the next day or two, sorry for the delay.

In the meantime, there is a simple fix to get 0.47 working on PokerStars, which is to resize your PokerStars lobby and make it wide enough so that you can fully read all the Table Names. It may not correctly identify all of your open Tables and Highlight them yellow, but the scan will work if you resize the lobby. If you play Full Ring tables, you will also need to create a new Scan Filter in TableScan and instead of "Full Ring" choose "Any" as the "Type"

03.12.2010 - v0.47b Beta Released
?Fixed support for Cereus Network's latest update
?Fixed support for iPoker skin updates: Titan Poker, Paddy Power Poker - This version should also hopefully work if other iPoker skins make similar updates
?Fixed waitlist support for iPoker skin: bet365

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